God’s Will For Mothers

2 Comments on “God’s Will For Mothers

  1. I would love to stay home with my child, but my husband does not earn enough income, and we cannot cut back our expenses any more. I would love nothing more than to stay home and be a keeper of my home. What does the scriptures say about that? does God look at my heart? My priorities are there, but we cannot afford to live on his income alone. Is it God’s will for me to work? If so, should I be glad and accept it?

  2. A mother should never be made to feel guilty for desiring to be a homemaker and full time mother, even when her children are school age.
    It is God’s will for a mother to be a keeper of the home.
    To disobey God and do your thing outside of God’s will is disrespectful and a slap in the face to God.
    If the mother has a husband it is God’s will that the father provide for the family outside of the home, and if the stress of the home repayments are too big, then scale down our homes and treasures and thoughts are heavenward anyway.We are not of this world.

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