A Letter To John Grace – September 26th, 1855

My dear Friend, Mr. Grace,

I shall be most happy to see you at Stamford in October, but I cannot by any means consent to your being a hearer, for which I will give you three sufficient reasons:

1. The rest will do my body good.

2. I am afraid your being there might shut me up.

3. My people would be much disappointed. I am to them but an old song; but the Lord might, and I hope would, bless the word by you.

I hope Mr. P. delivered my message verbatim et literatim. “Tell Mr. Grace I shall be happy to give him a seat at my table, a bed at my house, and a door into my pulpit.”

I was glad to hear that Mr. H___ made a good end. The Lord is faithful to the work of His dear Son on the cross, and the work of the Holy Spirit on the soul. Clouds and darkness may surround the work on the soul as they do His eternal throne, though He himself dwells in the light which no man can approach unto; but at evening time it is often light. Grace is undying—and that is the mercy for the living family of God.

I am preaching here to large congregations.
Grace be with you.

Yours affectionately,
J. C. P.

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