A Biblical Look at the Perverted False Gospel of Health and Wealth

Throughout today’s ministering you hear a lot about physical “prosperity” and “wealth” being taught in the pulpits of the congregational settings. There is a lot of deception about what God’s Word truly states.

God does indeed bless some people with physical blessings such as wealth, prosperity, and great health, but Christ uses those physical things to test His chosen people.

The true elected believer is eternally commanded in the Holy Bible not to seek nor desire after the physical riches of this world. We as chosen believers are also commanded not to be concerned about tomorrow, but rather seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness meaning spiritual things only and the LORD will add all other things, which are physical in nature unto you (Matt. 6:25-34). For after all these things, which are physical do the Gentiles seek: for your heavenly Father knows beforehand that you have need of all these things (Matt. 6:32). But thou, O man of God, beside the Gentiles (unsaved heathens) seek after these things the blessed Messiah states in Matthew 6:32]; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness, longsuffering, joy, peace, temperance, gentleness, and goodness (Gal. 5:22-23, and I Tim. 6:11).

These characteristics are all eternal values of the Holy Spirit. The chosen believer will and shall only be looking and praying for spiritual blessings and shall not be
concerned about physical prosperity.

A large number of preachers and teachers have written books and had seminars on how to get ahead in this physical life using prosperity and financial wealth as their means of the Gospel of Christ, e.g., A purpose driven life by Rick Warren and Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen are two perfect examples of books that have truly turned the grace of our God into lasciviousness. The Holy Bible states in Jude, “that these men crept in unawares, which were ordained [predestined] to this condemnation.” Grace by definition is unmerited favor meaning there is nothing good in man that is deserving or would grant them of God’s love, which is eternal Salvation. God owes mankind absolutely nothing but to be cast into the lake of fire for our many transgressions against Him throughout our lifetime.

Is this physical carnal life your best life now here on this disease-plagued earth that is cursed with filthy sin?

Does the Holy Bible stress or teach that this is the case?

Are we as chosen believers by God not to look forward in the hopes of better days ahead on the promised inheritance of a New Earth and New Heavens where there dwells only righteousness and where there will be no more pain and suffering forever more?

According to Mr. Joel Osteen the answer is No!

Our best life is unfortunately now according to one of his best-selling books!

The plagues, famines, pestilences, diseases, and the abominable sins of this filthy world are the best that life has to offer us and to look forward to.

God forbid!

By J. D.

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