Divorce and Remarriage

1) The Biblical teachings concerning marriage are plain and easy to understand, but impossible to observe except by the grace of God. According to Ephesians 5:22-33 and other passages, marriage is a picture of Christ and His bride, the church. The calling of husbands is to love their wives just as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it. Wives are to submit to their own husbands just as the church submits to Christ. Where, by the grace of God, Christian husbands and wives are obedient to these their respective callings one finds happy, blessed marriages in which difficulties and conflicts are prayerfully resolved in the way of confessing one’s faults to each other and to God. The love of God in the hearts of Christian husbands and wives is the very opposite of the world’s concepts of “self-fulfillment” and “self-satisfaction”. God’s love in us is a love of self-denial which finds it more blessed to give than to receive.

2) Divorce is sin. Except for the cause of fornication no one may put away his or her spouse. The one who does commits adultery and the one who marries the spouse who was put away commits adultery. Matthew 19:3-12 and related passages make this quite clear.

3) Marriage is a bond between one man and one woman for life. Only God Who creates the bond may sever the bond, which He does by death.

4) Our churches must never compromise these clear Scriptural teachings. If we do we shall reap a very bitter fruit indeed!

5) Our pastors and elders and all of us in the office of believers must insist on obedience to these truths. Pastors and elders must preach and teach these principles publicly and from house to house. The churches must discipline and excommunicate all unrepentant adulterers and adulteresses and whoremongers.

By Robert D. Decker

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