At The Cross

Standing at the cross of our adorable Lord, we see the law thoroughly fulfilled, its curse fully endured, its penalties wholly removed, sin eternally put away, the justice of God amply satisfied, all His perfections gloriously harmonized, His holy will perfectly obeyed, reconciliation completely effected, redemption graciously accomplished, and the church everlastingly saved!

At the cross we see sin in its blackest colours, and holiness in its fairest beauties.

At the cross we see the love of God in its tenderest form, and the anger of God in its deepest expression.

At the cross we see the blessed Redeemer lifted up, as it were between heaven and earth, to show to angels and to men the spectacle of redeeming love, and to declare at one and the same moment, and by one and the same act of the suffering obedience and bleeding sacrifice of the Son of God–the eternal and unalterable displeasure of the Almighty against sin, and the rigid demands of His inflexible justice, and yet the tender compassion and boundless love of His heart to the elect.

At the cross, and here alone, are obtained pardonand peace.

At the cross, and here alone, penitential grief and godly sorrow flow from heart and eyes.

At the cross, and here alone, is sin subdued and mortified, holiness communicated, death vanquished, Satan put to flight, and happiness and heaven begun in the soul.

O what heavenly blessings, what present grace, as well as what future glory, flow through the cross!

What a holy meeting-place for repenting sinners and a sin-pardoning God!

What a healing-place for guilty, yet repenting and returning backsliders!

What a door of hope in the valley of Achor for the self-condemned and self-abhorred!

What a blessed resting-place for the whole family of God in this valley of grief and sorrow!

By Joseph Philpot

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