True Repentance

True repentance is not merely pressed, squeezed, or extorted by the workings and violent struggles of guilt and wrath, fear and torment; but it flows out under the sin-pardoning operations of the spirit of love, accompanied with the blood of atonement, attended with a believing view of Christ, and of interest in him, and of God’s appearing well pleased and reconciled in Jesus, shining upon us in his blessed face, accepting us in the beloved, and blessing us with all spiritual blessings, in heavenly places, in him.

By William Huntington

2 Comments on “True Repentance

  1. This is a difficult concept for the natural man to accept. Man reduces everything into a human work, including repentance, and makes that the basis in which he thinks he is made right with God. If this was true then Esau would have been saved.

  2. Repentence is initially being turned from sin by God and a continual brokeness that perpetuates within our very soul and causes us to examine truth where ere’ it be found in scripture to the point of being even counseled by the least likely person that may also be a beggar as yourself. Repentance is also turning away from false teachings which sometimes becomes the very basis of how one judges another’s fruits. Also this is a command to examine our very selves to see whether we be a reprobate.

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