The Word Cleans Us

“Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.”
(John 15:3)

The direct words of Jesus Christ along with the rest of inspired Scripture have a powerful cleansing effect upon the hearts, minds, and lives of those who have been awakened to spiritual life. Since we are still plagued with the remains of a corrupt nature, we are constantly in need of the word’s cleansing in our lives.

The word cleans us, first, by revealing to us the perfect redeeming work of Jesus Christ. As we shake our heads in disgust and shame at our daily manifestations of depravity, we are pointed by the Scriptures to Jesus as our righteousness (for justification) and strength (for sanctification).

The word cleans us because it is a mirror that exposes our sins. The Holy Spirit has a way of using the word to lovingly convict and correct us. The word cleans us as it reminds of the promises of God, that bring courage and faith afresh to our souls in the middle of trying times.

The word cleans us because it is pure, wholesome food for the soul. Put bluntly, if we put the garbage of sinful thoughts, conversation, entertainment, etc. into our souls, then we need not be surprised when spiritual garbage comes out in our lives. However, the pure, clean word read, studied, meditated and prayed over will produce spiritual fruit to the glory of God. Get clean in the word today!

By Timothy Guess

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