Pursuing Righteousness

This is an audio sermon by Alfred J. Chompff titled: “Pursuing Righteousness”

The scripture text that brother Alfred is preaching from is Romans 9:30-33, and the audio is 52 minutes long.

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One Comment on “Pursuing Righteousness

  1. I have been a Christian 20 years. I walked away from the Lord having been hurt in the church. I recently came back to the Lord trying Him, finding him do faithful, forgiving and lioving. I love Jesus and want to serve him only. I am sorry for my years walking away, but hope to live out Gods purpose for whats left of my time here before going hoe to him. I have also been single and celibate for 20 years. I met and recently married a man who knows his bible very well. With his help I was able to understand the difference between the flesh and the spirit within myself, making it easier for me to forgive myself and others freely. Since our marriage a month ago my husband has treated me very badly, not coming home at night, getting drunk, and in fits of rage. I am seeing a side of him i have never seen before. He says he is sorry but shows no remorse, and continues to lie to me and continues to drink. I am starting to think he is not a Christian. We have been married by the civil court in Mexico and were planning a church wedding with our church family in Mexico. I have told my husband I feel I was somehow tricked into marring him and I will now not marry him in the church. I grieve and pray everyday. God hates divorse and I don’t want to look back. What do I do? Is he a Christian? Why is there no remorse in him? I share my heart and tears with him and he says he is sorry, but I cannot trust he will not continue to drink, or lie or physically push me around again. He wants me submissive and listening to him. I too am stubborn and my lack of faith in him prevents me from going with him for fear of what he might do to me. I also told him I am going home, back to Canada for a time. He is not angry about this. He says he will work hard and be good, but I just don’t know any more. I am also asking God why would he allow me to marry this man? I am hurt

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