A Letter To Mr Tanner – July 28th, 1865

My dear Friend, Mr. Tanner.

I am glad there is some hope of seeing you at Calne. May we meet in the spirit, as well as in the flesh, and find and feel the presence and blessing of the Lord resting upon us in public and in private, in our communion with the Lord, with His people, and with one another. I trust I feel thankful in being so far better as to be able again to speak in His blessed name. I have labored now for ten continuous Lord’s-days, eight of them at Gower Street, and am not worse for my labours—indeed, rather stronger than when I began them. How good the Lord is to poor unworthy me. May a sense of it lead me to walk in His fear and live to His praise! I was well attended at Gower Street Chapel, and my last Tuesday evening congregation was quite a usual Lord’s-day one. I felt encouraged that eight Lord’s-days had not worn out my ministry among them.

I feel for you in your trials and afflictions, so various, painful, and multiplied. But dare I wish you free from what the all-wise, all-gracious Lord lays upon you? Could He not in a moment remove them all?

Yours affectionately in the Lord,
J. C. P.

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