A Letter To Mr Whitteridge – October 25th, 1866

My dear Mr. Whitteridge.

I am obliged to you for your kind invitation to preach in your chapel when I am in town; but you will perceive from personal observation that my physical strength is but small, and, indeed, I find that my labors at Gower Street are quite as much as I can accomplish. I could not, therefore, undertake to accept your invitation, as I find that to preach more than once in the week besides the Lord’s day is more than I can do without suffering, and the hazard of laying myself up altogether. It is many years since I have suffered from weakness of the chest, and indeed was compelled by it to give up two chapels and congregations, among whom I had labored for more than twenty-six years. I feel it therefore a mercy that I am allowed during the summer months to speak a little in the name of the Lord, and gladly would I do more for His name’s sake, if His glorious Majesty did but give me the power.

To preach the Gospel is a very important, and, I may say, an arduous task. Rightly to divide the word of truth, to take forth the precious from the vile, to preach the Gospel with the Holy Spirit sent down from heaven, by manifestation of the truth to commend ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God. Well may we ask, Who is sufficient for these things? I feel myself most insufficient, but I know that the Lord makes His strength perfect in weakness, and this encourages me to cast myself on Him, and seek help from His gracious hands who has said, “My grace is sufficient for you.”

I am, dear Sir,
Yours very sincerely, for truth’s sake,
J. C. P.

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