“My Grace is Sufficient For Thee”

GRACE IS WHAT I NEED — God’s free, abundant, satisfying, sanctifying grace!

I need grace to believe God and to continue in that faith.

I need grace to give and forgive, grace to love and be loved, grace to live and grace to die.

If I have little grace, the fault is mine; for His grace is called “abundant grace.”

The Lord may not give gold, but He will give grace.

He may not give ease in life, but He will give grace in proportion to my need.

He will certainly send me trials, but never without His grace to overcome.

I may ask God for something which is not for my good and therefore He is not pleased to give it, but I may ask for as much grace as I will, and it will never be refused; for His throne is literally a throne of grace!

“Lord, fill me with Thy grace, make me an object of Thy grace, let my lips speak of Thy grace, and let my life be lived as a trophy of Thy grace!”

By Henry Mahan

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