Book Review: “The Autobiography of D.E. Bradford”

The Autobiography of D. E. Bradford;

Hardback; 108 pages;


This is a beautifully produced book with a lovely colour photograph on the front of Matfield Chapel, the scene of the author’s labours.

Mr. Bradford was pastor there for 36 years, dying at the age of 91 in 1981.

In 37 short chapters Mr. Bradford tells his life story in interesting and gracious style.

There is, of course, his spiritual experience but in addition there is much of natural interest.

The author was a naval officer; he knew what it was to be shipwrecked, and on another occasion was aboard a submarine, which was mistaken for a German submarine and attacked by one of our own ships.

So the good man like John Newton and Samuel Medley, tells us of his natural voyages and his spiritual voyage.

The book has many interesting illustrations, some relating to his naval days and others to his Matfield days.

At the end of the book are notes of two of his sermons.

Matfield (formerly known as “Matfield Green”) is a beautiful village in Kent; the lovely Strict Baptist chapel stands back from the road in its own grounds. It was here that J. H. Alexander, the well-known author of “More Than Notion”, was one of Mr. Bradford’s faithful church members.

We only knew Mr. Bradford in old age. What a remarkable man he was: naturally handsome, looking many years younger than he actually was, gracious, truly venerable!

What a pleasure it was to see an aged pastor surrounded by a loving congregation, many of whom were young people and children!

We hope The Autobiography of D. E. Bradford will have good sales.

We believe younger readers will find it interesting and, those with discernment, profitable.

Our desire is that God will still bless His people at Matfield and send them another pastor after His own heart.

By B.A. Ramsbottom

Book Description

A wonderful autobiography of the Lord’s great goodness in providence and grace.

Interesting account of his adventures at sea in his early days and then an account of his spiritual voyage. Enjoyable reading for all ages.

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