A Short Study of Matthew 6:23

“If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness.”
(Matthew 6:23)

Christ has before him a man destitute of the life of regeneration. There is natural light in this man, for he sees rationally. He is, therefore, enlightened. The seed of the Word fell also in his heart. He may even have received the Word with joy. That which may be known of God in the face of Christ is manifest also in him. But the man can see nothing lovely about God. He despises God in his heart. To him God’s wisdom is foolishness and His virtues faults. This is what it means that the natural man is spiritually blind. Being blind in this sense, the light that is in him the pure light from Heaven is darkness. For he changes the truth: of God into a lie, holds it in unrighteousness. If then the light that is in the man is darkness, how great is that darkness. It is darkness that is absolute.

God’s believing people are in principle children of the light and children of the day. They see spiritually. For the love of God is in their hearts. They do not sleep as do the others in whom the light is darkness, but they watch and are sober. They are spiritually alert. They are spiritually aware of the approach of the day of the Lord. For them, therefore, this day does not come as a thief in the night, for it is being expected.

But the spiritually blind are indifferent. Their hatred of Christ and of the heavenly stupefies them spiritually. Spiritually they are drunken. Spiritually, therefore, they are indifferent to the things heavenly. They mind earthy things and are increasingly hardened by the Gospel which to them is a savor of death unto death.

By George M. Ophoff

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