A Letter To Mrs Tanner – February 14th, 1867

My dear Afflicted and Widowed Friend, Mrs. Tanner—But for much occupation I would have written to you immediately that I received the tidings of your late beloved husband’s departure, that I might sympathize with you in your troubles and sorrows. I had heard of his illness, but was not aware until the day before he died that it was of so serious a nature. But now, poor dear man, he is released from all his sufferings, both of body and mind, and is in the fruition of that perfect happiness to which he so often looked forward during the latter stages of his pilgrimage here. Having so sweet an assurance of his eternal happiness, and knowing what a life of suffering his was, it would indeed be selfish and cruel to wish him back. You well know what he had to suffer with his many trials from so many quarters, and though you may deeply miss him, and weep at the thought that you will never more in this life see his face nor hear his voice, yet I am sure that you have every reason to rejoice, rather than mourn. Still, nature will have its course, and it is often a great relief when the tears can freely flow, and grief find its appointed vent. It was a great mercy also that you and your daughters were able to minister to his needs and comforts in his last illness, and to have the sweet satisfaction of witnessing the sweet peace that he enjoyed in his soul. What an infinite mercy it also is, that the Lord has blessed you with the consolations of His spirit at various times; and I do hope that as your afflictions abound, so also may your consolations.

I believe you know that we were much united both in heart and judgment. Indeed, I had great esteem and affection for him; and I am sure he always treated me with the greatest kindness and affection. I would be glad if you could put together some little obituary of him, as he was so much esteemed and respected by all who knew him, that there might be some record of him in the Gospel Standard.
With our united kind love to yourself and Mrs. W., I am,

Yours affectionately in the Lord,
J. C. P.

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