A Letter To Mrs Clowes – January 26th, 1867

My dear Friend, Mrs. Clowes — I desire sincerely to sympathize with you in your present deep trial and heavy affliction, and I wish that I could offer you some consolation, or at least some hope, under the weight of your trouble. But I know well that none can give you any support or consolation but the Lord Himself. And oh that He would kindly and graciously speak a word with power to the soul of your poor afflicted husband, and that he might be blessed with a feeling sense of the Lord’s love to his soul! We do not doubt but that he is all right for eternity. We know, and he cannot deny, that the Lord in times past has been very gracious unto him, and has manifested His love and mercy to his soul. But he wants to hear again His blessed voice, and to feel the certainty of His pardoning love, through the application of His atoning blood to his conscience. Oh that it might please the Lord to give him one sweet smile, to break in upon his soul, and say, “I am your salvation”, break all his bonds asunder, and reveal peace with power to his heart!

But even should this be withheld, the Lord has already mercifully taken away his fear of death; and thus it may not please His gracious Majesty to grant him the blessing which he desires, and we also desire for him. The Scripture says but little of the dying experience of God’s saints; and sometimes we look too much for what the Lord has not especially promised—that is, any great manifestations of His love and mercy. He has promised to make their bed in all their sickness, never to leave them or forsake them, and that He would love them to the end. And all this He will fulfill in and for our dear friend…

Yours most affectionately,
J. C. P.

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