Bible Doctrine Drill – Lesson 4 – Salvation

God knows everything. He knew before the world began that Adam and Eve would sin. He knew that all the people in the world, being born of sinful parents, would be born sinners. God willed to save some of these sinners from their sins. He chose them and determined to save them even before the world began — long before they were born.

This is the way He saved them: He sent God the Word into the world to live on earth in a human body. His name was called Jesus. One day Jesus was nailed to the cross. While He was on the cross, God placed all the sins of all His people on Jesus, and Jesus suffered the punishment that God’s people deserved. Three days after He died and was buried, Jesus arose from the dead. He stayed on the earth for forty days and then went to Heaven where He is now. The Holy Spirit comes into the hearts of everyone that Christ died for and causes each one of them to believe on Jesus Christ and to love Him.

Drill Questions:

1. Who took the punishment for the sins of the children of God? Jesus, when He died on the cross. (Matthew 1:21; 2 Corinthians 5:21)

2. Who is Jesus? God the Word.

3. Did Jesus ever sin? No.

4. What two natures does the Lord Jesus have in His Person? He is both God and Man.

5. What must be done for people so that they can go live with Jesus when they die? They must be born again by the Holy Spirit.

6. What was Jesus doing while He was on the cross? He was taking the punishment for the sins of His people.

7. Why is Jesus the only Person who could take the punishment for the sins of His people? Because Jesus is both God and Man, He was born sinless of a virgin, and He never sinned.

8. Is Jesus dead now? No. The same Jesus who took the punishment for the sins of His people is alive and is in Heaven with God the Father.

9. How many ways does the Bible say there are to be saved from our sins and to live with God forever? Only one — by being born again by the Holy Spirit.

10. Will being good, praying, reading the Bible, or going to church get you saved from your sins? No. We must do these things after we are saved, but if people could get saved by doing good works, Jesus would not have needed to die on Calvary for their sins.

Memory Verse:

Matthew 1:21

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