Bible Doctrine Drill – Lesson 10 – Unconditional Election

The “U” in TULIP is for Unconditional Election.

We have already seen how all mankind are born dead in trespasses and sins. They cannot get themselves out of this condition. If they were all left in this condition they would die in their sins and spend forever in hell.

But God determined to save some people. He did not determine to save everyone. We don’t know why God chose to save some and to leave others in their sins, but we do know that no one deserves to be saved. The ones that God determined to save He chose (elected, picked out) before the world began. This choice is what we mean by Election. We use the word Unconditional because the choice was entirely God’s and was not based on any conditions that must be met by the sinner.

God did not choose any of His people because they were better than others. He did not choose them because they “accepted Christ,” or “believed on Christ as their personal Savior,” or anything else they did. God chose them because He wanted to, and He did it for His own glory. No one can justifiably say that God is unfair in His election. Those who go to hell just get what they deserve.

Those who are elect must praise God for His mercy!

Human beings were created by God and He can do what He wants to with His creation.

Drill Questions:

1. What does the “U” stand for? Unconditional Election.

2. What does election mean? It means to choose.

3. What does election mean when we’re talking about salvation? It means that God chose some people and determined to save them.

4. When did God do this choosing? Before the world began.

5. Did God choose everyone? No.

6. Why did he choose some and not others? Because He wanted to.

7. Was this fair? Yes. All deserved to go to hell.

8. Did God choose His people because they were better than the others? No.

9. Did God choose His people because He saw that they would do some good works? No.

10. Did God choose His people because He knew they would accept Jesus as their personal Savior? No.

11. Learn Ephesians 1:4.

12. Learn 2 Timothy 1:9.

13. Learn Romans 9:11-15,Romans 9:21.

Memory Verse:

Ephesians 1:4

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