Old Testament – The Flood and Babel

33. What does I John 4:19 say? “We love him, because he first loved us.”

34. Who built the ark? Noah.

35. How many sons did Noah have? Three.

36. What were their names? Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

37. Why did God destroy the world by water? Because the people were very wicked.

38. What kind of wood did Noah make the ark out of? Gopher wood.

39. How many horses did God put on the ark? Two.

40. What kind of horses were they? A male and female (a daddy horse and a momma horse).

41. How many days and nights did it rain? Forty.

42. How many people were on the ark? Eight.

43. What was the first bird that Noah sent from the ark? A raven.

44. Did the raven come back? No.

45. What was the second bird that Noah sent from the ark? A dove.

46. Did the dove come back? Yes.

47. What does the dove stand for? The Holy Spirit.

48. What was the first thing Noah did when he got off the ark? Built an altar and worshipped God.

49. What did God put in the sky? A rainbow.

50. What does it mean? That God will never destroy the earth by water again.

51. By what will He destroy the world next time? By fire.

52. What was the name of the tower the people tried to build to heaven? Babel.

53. Who was the wicked man who built the tower of Babel? Nimrod.

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