Old Testament – Joseph

Joseph Is Faithful

82. How many sons did Jacob have? Twelve.

83. Who were his two favorite sons? Joseph and Benjamin.

84. Who was their mother? Rachel.

85. What did Jacob give to Joseph? A coat of many colors.

86. Did his brothers like that? No.

87. Why didn’t they like it? They were jealous.

88. Is it good to be jealous? No.

89. What did Joseph’s brothers do to him? They put him in a deep pit.

90. Which brother wanted to help Joseph? Reuben.

91. To whom did the brothers sell Joseph? Some Ishmaelite merchants.

92. Where did they take Joseph? To Egypt.

93. What did Jacob think had happened to Joseph? That a wild animal had killed him.

94. Who bought Joseph in Egypt? Potiphar.

95. Who tried to make Joseph sin? Potiphar’s wife.

96. Did Joseph sin? No.

97. Why? Because he feared God.

98. What happened to Joseph then? He was put in prison.

99. Did Joseph work hard in prison? Yes.

100. How do you know? Because the keeper of the prison put Joseph in charge.

101. Should we do our very best no matter where we are? Yes.

102. Why? Because it pleases God.

103. Why did Pharaoh let Joseph out of prison? Because Joseph told Pharaoh what his dream meant.

104. What job did Pharaoh give Joseph? To be a ruler in Egypt.

105. What did Pharaoh’s dream mean? There would be seven years of plenty of food and then seven years of no food.

106. What did Joseph do in the seven years of plenty? Saved food.

107. What did he do in the seven years of being hungry? Sold food.

108. Who came from Canaan to buy food from Joseph? His brothers.

109. Did he forgive them? Yes.

110. Should we forgive people who do bad things to us? Yes.

111. Who do we need to ask to forgive us? God.

112. Did Jacob ever get to see his son Joseph? Yes.

113. What land did Pharaoh give to Jacob and his family? Goshen.

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