Old Testament – In The Beginning…

1. What is the Bible? God’s Word.

2. What is the first book of the Bible? Genesis.

3. How many books are in the Bible? 66.

4. What is Genesis 1:1? “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

5. Who made the heavens and the earth? God.

6. How many days did it take God to make the heavens and earth? Six.

7. What did He do on the seventh day? He rested.

8. What is the seventh day called? The Sabbath.

9. Who was the first man? Adam.

10. What did God make Adam out of? Dust.

11. Who was the first woman? Eve.

12. What did God make Eve out of? Adam’s rib.

13. Did God make Adam go to sleep when He made Eve? Yes.

14. Where was their home? The Garden of Eden.

15. Who gave the names to all the animals? Adam.

16. Who tempted Eve to sin? The serpent.

17. Who was the serpent? The devil.

18. Why did Adam and Eve die? Because they sinned.

19. To whom did they pass on their sin? Everybody.

20. Why do people die? Because they are sinners.

21. With what did Adam and Eve try to cover themselves up? Aprons of fig leaves.

22. Did this covering work? No.

23. With what did God cover them up? Coats of animal skins.

24. What do you have to do to an animal to get his skin? Kill him.

25. Who had to be killed to get rid of the sins of God’s children? Jesus Christ.

26. Who were Adam and Eve’s first two sons? Cain and Abel.

27. What did Cain do for a living? He was a farmer.

28. What did Abel do for a living? He was a keeper of sheep.

29. Which one of these boys loved God and had faith? Abel.

30. What did Cain do to Abel? He killed him.

31. Who took Abel’s place? Seth.

32. What did Enoch do? He walked with God.

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