Old Testament – Abraham and Jacob

54. Who was the man who had faith? Abraham.

55. Who was his wife? Sarah.

56. Who was his promised son? Isaac.

57. What did God tell Abraham to do to Isaac? Kill him and offer him as a sacrifice.

58. On what mountain was he told to do this? Mount Moriah.

59. What took Isaac’s place on the altar so he wouldn’t have to be killed? A ram.

60. Whom did that represent? Christ.

61. Who did Jesus die in the place of? His people.

62. What does Matthew 1:21 say? “And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.”

63. What did Abraham’s knife represent? God’s anger against sin.

64. Do we deserve for that knife to fall on us? Yes.
Why? Because we are sinners.
Does God like sin? No.

65. On whom did the knife fall, instead of on God’s children? On Christ.

66. Whom did Abraham send to get a wife for Isaac? His faithful servant.

67. What was the first thing the servant did? He prayed.

68. Who was the girl who became Isaac’s wife? Rebekah.

69. Where did the servant find her? By the well.

70. What did she do for the servant? She got water out of the well for him and his camels.

71. Who were Isaac’s and Rebekah’s twin boys? Jacob and Esau.

72. Which one did God love? Jacob.

73. Which one did God hate? Esau.

74. Does God love everyone? No.

75. Whom does God love? His people.

76. What is another word for God’s people? The elect.

77. For whom did Christ die? The elect.

78. What did Jacob see in a dream one night? A ladder going from earth to heaven.

79. What did Jacob see going up and down the ladder? Angels.

80. What was this place called? Bethel.

81. What did God change Jacob’s name to? Israel.

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