Little Children’s Catechism – Introduction

It is necessary for our children to learn many things to be successful in life. We make sure that they learn to read and write, to learn arithmetic, etc. We encourage them to specialize in advanced learning so that they will do well in their chosen careers. In fact, one of the greatest gifts that parents can give their children is help and encouragement in obtaining a good education. We encourage them to be diligent in pursuing what is sometimes referred to as “book learning”.

But there is one Book which is much more important than the rest. The one Book, which has been directly inspired by God, is the Bible. This Book contains the answers to all of life’s really important questions. If we encourage our children in all other learning but fail to teach them from the Bible, we fail them.

We must have our children regularly in church where they hear the Bible taught from the pulpit. But we must also teach them at home. In fact, parents bear the primary responsibility for teaching their children the Word of God. Paul says that fathers must bring their children up in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4). Paul also said that Timothy had known the Holy Scriptures from a child (2 Timothy 3:15). He had gained his youthful knowledge of the Bible from his grandmother and from his mother (2 Timothy 1:5). Timothy had been taught the Bible at home.

Having been a pastor for almost thirty years and being the father of eleven living children, I have tried to find effective ways of teaching the Word of God to the very young. One of the best ways I have found is by catechizing, that is by memorizing and drilling by way of questions and answers. Children have a great capacity to memorize and they love to do it. God has made them this way. We need to fill their young minds with the precious truth of God’s Holy Word.

What better thing is there for them to store in their memories?

To help in this great work I have developed the “Little Children’s Catechism” with very simple questions and answers which contain just good basic Bible knowledge. A child is ready for these while still very young. There is a section on the Old Testament and one on the New Testament.

I would urge parents to spend some time in the Bible with their children each day. Time passes by so swiftly. Children grow up so very rapidly.

Do we love our children?

Do we want the best for them?

Do we want them to be equipped to face life’s problems?

Then we must be diligent to acquaint them with God’s Word.

Parents, as you faithfully day after day read the Bible to your children and drill them faithfully in Biblical questions and answers, remember what the Apostle Paul said thousands of years ago: “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not” (Galatians 6:9).

I offer my heartfelt thanks to Sister Lora Ewing, who has faithfully typed the manuscript and enabled me to put this useful tool into the hands of dedicated, Christ-honoring parents.

Zack M. Guess

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