Lesson 15 – Particular Redemption

The simple fact is that Christ simply did not die for all men. He did not intend to save all men or He would have done so. He certainly has enough power to do what He wants to do. Many have the perverted idea that there will be persons in everlasting hell whom God loves.

Would you let someone you love suffer such a fate?

Some say that God’s love changes to hate when the sinner rejects God’s offer of salvation. But God’s love is not of this nature. God’s love is like God Himself–it is simply eternal and unchangeable (Jeremiah 31:3; Malachi 3:6). God simply doesn’t love all men (Romans 9:13) and Christ didn’t die for all men (John 10:11).

John Owen has pointed out that there are three possibilities of the extent of the death of Christ:

1. Christ died for all the sins of all men


2. Christ died for all the sins of some men


3. Christ died for some of the sins of all men.

If #1 is true, then all men will be saved. We know this is not true.

If #3 is true, then no one will be saved.

If #2 is true (and it is), then some men will be saved. These are the “elect” spoken of in Scriptures.

Some people say that Christ died for your sins, but that your unbelief will keep you from being saved.

But is not unbelief a sin?

If Christ died for all the sins of some, He also died for the sin of unbelief.

People who believe that Christ died to provide salvation for everyone but did not actually secure salvation for anyone believe in the General Atonement. Those who believe (rightly so) that Christ did not die for everyone, but that He actually secured salvation for everyone for whom He died, believe in the Limited Atonement (the work of Christ being limited intentionally by God to the elect) or in Particular Redemption (being purchased for particular individuals–the elect).

Loraine Boettner has aptly described the General Atonement as a wide bridge that only goes halfway across a stream. Everyone gets on the bridge but no one gets across the stream. He describes the Limited Atonement as a narrower bridge which goes all the way across the stream. Not everyone gets on the bridge, but every one who gets on goes all the way to the other side.


1. Will any that God loves go to hell?

2. Does God’s love ever change?

3. Will unbelief keep one for whom Christ has died out of heaven?

4. Why didn’t Christ die for everyone?

Memory Verse

We have memorized Matthew 1:21.

Let’s learn John 10:11.

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