Old Testament – Solomon

253. Which one of David’s sons became king after David died? Solomon.

254. God told Solomon that he would give him whatever he asked for. Did Solomon ask for money? No.
Did he ask for long life? No.
For what did he ask God? He asked God for wisdom.
What is wisdom? It is knowing how to act and think like God wants you to.
Was God pleased that Solomon had asked for wisdom? Yes.
Should we ask God for wisdom? Yes.

255. What is one of the most important things that Solomon did while he was King of Israel? He built a house for God.
What was this house called? The temple.

256. What is God’s house today? The church.
When we say “church”, do we mean the building? No.
What do we mean? The people who are members of the church.

257. Tell me some things you know about Solomon: He was very wise; he was very rich; he had beautiful houses and gardens; he knew how to write beautiful songs and poems.

258. Did all this make Solomon happy? No.
Why? He did not put God first.

259. What is probably the biggest mistake that Solomon made? He married wives that did not love God.
Will we be wrong if we marry someone who does not love God, the Bible, and God’s church? Yes.

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