Old Testament – Samuel

Samuel Leads Israel

201. Why was Hannah so sad? Because she didn’t have any children.
What did she do about it? She prayed.

202. How did God answer Hannah’s prayer? He gave her a little boy named Samuel.
When God gives children to parents, should those parents be glad? Yes.

203. What did Hannah do with Samuel while he was still a little boy? She gave him to the Lord.

204. Where did Samuel live? At the house of the Lord.

205. What did Hannah do for Samuel every year? She made him a little coat and took it to him.

206. Who was the old priest who lived in Shiloh where God’s house was? Eli.

207. Was old Eli a good man? Yes. What was sad about his life? His sons were very bad.
Did Eli make his sons mind? No.
Did God like this? No.
Should parents make their children mind today? Yes.

208. Who was the first king of Israel? Saul.

209. What did Saul look like? He was very tall.

210. Was it good that God’s people wanted a king? No.
Why? Because God was their king.

211. Should we ask God for things that will not be good for us? No.
Should we ask our parents for things that will not be good for us? No.
Give an example of some things we should not ask for? (Parents, use your imagination here!)

212. Why did Saul get in trouble? Because he did not obey God.
Will we get in trouble if we do not obey God? Yes.

213. Why did Saul disobey God the first time? He became impatient.
What does impatient mean? It means you do not want to wait for something.
Can you think of some things that you are sometimes impatient about? (Parents, give some help here.)

214. When Saul disobeyed again, what are some of the things that God called his sin? Stubbornness and rebellion.

215. How can you be stubborn and rebellious? By not doing something when my parents tell me to do it.

216. Describe Saul’s sin in 1 Samuel 15:1-23. (Parents, help them to be able to tell the story.)

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