Old Testament – Samson

Samson Disobeys God

180. What did Manoah and his wife want to know when the angel told them they would have a baby? They wanted to know how to raise the child.

181. What was the name of their child? Samson.

182. How was Samson different from other men? He was very strong. Who made him strong? God did.

183. What bad thing did Samson want to do? He wanted to marry a woman who was not one of God’s people.

184. What did Samson do to the lion? He killed him with his hands.

185. How many people did Samson kill with an animal’s bone? One thousand.

186. Who was the bad woman who became Samson’s girlfriend? Delilah.
Was Samson right to have her as a friend? No.

187. What happened to Samson because he didn’t obey God? God’s enemies made a prisoner of him and put his eyes out.
Should we always obey God? Yes.

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