Old Testament – Ruth

Godly Ruth is Blessed

188. Where did Naomi and her husband and sons go when there was a famine in Israel? Moab.

189. What happened to Naomi’s husband and sons in Moab? They died.

190. When Naomi went back home, who went with her? Ruth, her daughter-in-law.

191. Why did Ruth go with her? Because she loved Naomi and Naomi’s God.

192. How did they get enough to eat? Ruth picked up grain behind the harvesters.
Was Ruth lazy? No.

193. Who was the nice man who let Ruth gather grain in his field? Boaz.

194. How else did Boaz take care of Ruth? He did not let any of the young men bother her.

195. What did Boaz finally do? He married Ruth.

196. Who was the little boy that God blessed Boaz and Ruth to have? Obed.

197. Did Naomi love and help take care of her little grandson? Yes.

198. Who in the Bible was Obed’s famous grandson? David.

199. Who really took care of these two helpless women, Ruth and Naomi? God.

200. Does God take care of His children now? Yes.

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