Old Testament – Preachers In The Old Days

260. When God’s people did wrong in the old days, God sent good men to preach to them. What were these men called? Prophets.

261. When King Solomon died, what happened to God’s kingdom? It broke up into two parts.

262. What were these two parts called? Judah and Israel.

263. Were the kings of Judah and Israel good or bad? All of Israel’s were bad, and only about half of Judah’s were good.

264. Why do we say they were bad? Because they did not obey God and they caused God’s people to serve idols.

265. What is an idol? An idol is anything that we think is more important than God.

266. What are some idols that we could have in our lives even though we are little children? We could want to watch T.V more than we want to go to church. We could want to play a game more than we would want to pray. (Here each parent can think of some idols that your child needs to be aware of.)

267. Whom did God send to tell His people to stop doing bad and to serve Him? The prophets.

268. Who are kind of like prophets to us today? Our preachers.

269. How should we behave toward our preachers? We should love them, listen to them, and pray for them.

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