Old Testament – Elijah

Elijah Faces the Prophets of Baal

270. Who was one of these prophets of God? Elijah.

271. Who was the wicked king of Israel to whom God sent Elijah? Ahab.

272. What did Elijah tell Ahab? That God would not let it rain in Israel for a long time.

273. God told Elijah to go hide for a while out in the wilderness. How did God feed Elijah? He sent ravens to him with food.

274. After a while God sent Elijah to a widow. What did the widow have left to eat? A little oil in a jar and a little meal in a barrel.

275. What did God feed Elijah, the widow, and her son with for a long time? That little bit of oil and meal.
How could the oil and meal last so long? This was one of God’s miracles.

276. The widow’s son died. What did Elijah do? He lay down on top of the boy and prayed.
What happened? The boy came alive again.
How did this happen? This was another miracle of God.

277. Who was Ahab’s wicked wife? Jezebel.

278. What had Jezebel influenced Ahab and Israel to do? To worship false gods.
What were these gods called? Baal.

279. What did God tell Elijah to do with the prophets of Baal? To call them together to see who really served God.

280. How many of these false prophets of Baal were there? 450.

281. What did Elijah tell them to do? To kill a bull and lay it on an altar.

282. Then what were they told to do? To ask their gods to come with fire and burn up the bull.

283. What did these false prophets of Baal do? They made a lot of noise and called for their gods.

284. How long did they do this? All day long.

285. Did their gods answer them? No.

286. Why didn’t they answer them? Because there really were no false gods; the false prophets just thought there were.

287. How many gods are there really? There is just one true God.

288. What did Elijah do? He made fun of the false prophets.

289. Then what did Elijah do? He built an altar to God.

290. What did he do on this altar? He killed a bull and put it on the altar.

291. Then what did he do? He poured a lot of water on the bull and on the altar.

292. Then what did he do? He called on God.

293. What did God do? He sent a great fire and burned up the bull and the altar.

294. Why did God do this? To prove that He was the only true God.

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