Old Testament – David

217. Whom did God choose to take Saul’s place as King of Israel? David.

218. Who was the prophet that went to Jesse’s house to anoint David? Samuel.

219. How many of Jesse’s sons passed before Samuel? Seven.
Were any of them chosen as king? No.

220. What was David doing? Keeping the sheep.

221. What did Samuel do? He told them to send for David. When David came, Samuel anointed him.

222. When God looked at David what did He look at? He looked at David’s heart.
What did God see? He saw that David loved Him and wanted to serve Him.
Who made David’s heart good? God did.

223. Does God look on our hearts, too? Yes.
What does this mean? He knows what we are thinking and whether or not we love Him and want to obey Him.

224. Who were the enemies of God’s people during the time of David? The Philistines.

225. Who was one of their soldiers? Goliath.

226. How tall was he? Probably over nine feet tall.

227. David had courage against Goliath because God had been with him before. What had David done? Killed a lion and a bear.

228. What did David use in order to kill Goliath? A sling and a stone.

229. Who helped David kill Goliath? God did.

230. Why did King Saul begin to not like David? He was jealous of him.

231. Who was Saul’s son who was David’s good friend? Jonathan.

232. What did Saul try to do to David? He tried to kill him.

233. How did David get away? His wife let him out the window.

234. When David had a chance to kill Saul, did he do it? No.

235. Was David even sorry because he had cut off the hem of Saul’s robe? Yes.

236. Did David’s men want him to kill Saul? Yes. Did David listen to them? No.
Should we kill those who treat us badly? No.

237. Was Saul ashamed that he had tried to kill David? Yes.

238. But did Saul later try again to kill David? Yes.

239. Could David have killed Saul? Yes.
Why? Because he found Saul asleep.

240. Why didn’t David kill Saul this time? Because he knew the Lord would not like it if he did.

241. Why did God not let Saul be king anymore? Because Saul had not obeyed God.

242. Who became king after Saul had died? David.

243. Was David a good king? Yes.

244. One time David sinned and got in trouble with the Lord. Why did he sin? He got lazy and did not serve God with all his might.

245. When the preacher (prophet) told David that he had done wrong what did David do? He told God that he was sorry and he asked God to forgive him.

246. Did God forgive David? Yes.

247. What should we do when we do wrong? We should tell the person we wronged that we are sorry.
Who else should we tell that we are sorry? God.

248. What do you call it when you tell God that you have done something wrong? Confession.

249. Will God forgive us if we confess our sins to him? Yes, if we really mean it.

250. What kind of trouble did David have because he had sinned against the Lord? Some of his children hated each other.
Should we hate our brothers and sisters? No, we are supposed to love them.

251. What other kind of trouble did David have? Some of his sons tried to hurt him.
How should we treat our parents? We should love them and obey them.

252. What was the name of one of David’s sons that tried to hurt him? Absalom.
Did God let Absalom get away with this? No, God destroyed him.

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