Old Testament – Daniel

Daniel and the Three Hebrew Children

310. Who were the three Hebrew children? Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

311. What did Daniel and the three Hebrew children not do? They did not eat the king’s meat and drink the king’s wine.
Why not? Because God did not want them to.

312. Did they have to be brave to not do this? Yes, they had to be brave and trust God.

313. What did the wicked king have made? A very tall statue that looked like him.

314. What did he tell everyone to do? To fall down and worship the statue when the music played.

315. Did the three Hebrew children do this? No.
Why? Because we are not to worship anyone but God.

316. Did the king get very mad at them? Yes.

317. What did the king do? He threw them into a very hot fire.

318. Did the fire burn them? No.
Why? Because God protected them.
Was this another miracle of God? Yes.

319. Why did Daniel get to be very important in the Persian Kingdom? Because he always did the very best he could and because God helped him.

320. What did some of the other men think about Daniel? They were very jealous of him.
What did they try to do? They tried to find something he was doing wrong so they could get him into trouble.
Could they find anything he was doing wrong? No, because he was a faithful servant of God.

321. What did these wicked men do next? They got the king to say that anyone who prayed to anyone but him in the next thirty days would be thrown into a den of lions.

322. What did Daniel do when he heard this? He kept on praying to God three times a day.

323. What did the wicked men do? They told the king.

324. What did the king do? He was very sorry because he loved Daniel, but he had him thrown into the den of lions.

325. How long was Daniel in the den? All night.
Did the lions hurt him? No, because God sent an angel to shut their mouths.

326. What happened to the wicked men who had tried to get Daniel in trouble? The king threw them, their wives, and their children into the lion’s den and the lions ate them all up.

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