New Testament – The Epistles of Paul

A. Paul’s Letter to the Romans

143. Was Paul ashamed of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ? No.
Should we be ashamed of it? No.
If we are not ashamed of the gospel, what will we do? Tell people we meet about Jesus Christ.

144. When God created the world, what did He make clear and plain? That He exists and that He is very wise and powerful.

145. Does anyone seek after God before they have spiritual life? No.

146. What does it mean to be justified? To be not guilty before God. How do we become justified? Only through the blood of Jesus Christ.

147. When we don’t know what to ask for in prayer, who helps us? The Holy Spirit.

148. What can separate the love of Christ from a child of God? Nothing, not even death.

149. If a brother or sister in the church is rejoicing, what should we do? Rejoice with them. What if they are weeping? Weep with them.

150. If our enemy is hungry, what should we do? Feed him. What if he is thirsty? Give him something to drink.

B. Paul’s Letters to the Corinthians

151. Do we ever have anything to brag or boast about ourselves? No.
Who only should we boast about? Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

152. What did Paul say our faith should stand in? The power of God.

153. How are we to use the bodies that God has given us? We are to use them in a way that will glorify God. We must not use them in a sinful way.

154. Do we belong to ourselves? No, we belong to God.

155. If we have faithful preachers to preach to us, should we help them by giving them some of our money? Yes.

156. How much should we follow our preachers and do what they say? As long as they follow Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

157. When we see the word “charity” in the Bible, what does that mean? Love.
What does love do? It causes us to always put others above ourselves, for Jesus’ sake.

158. How many people saw Jesus Christ after He was raised from the dead? More than 500.

159. What will happen to the children of God who have died and been buried when Jesus comes back? They will be raised from the dead.
What will happen to the bodies of the children of God who are still alive when Jesus comes back? They will not die, but they will be changed into glorified bodies.

160. If God blesses you to get married, should you marry someone who does not truly believe in Jesus Christ, and who does not love to serve Him? No.

161. What does it mean to repent? To be truly sorry that we have sinned against God, and to turn from our sin.

162. When a child of God dies, what happens? The spirit goes at once into the presence of God.

163. How should we feel when we give money to the church? We should remember that God loves a cheerful giver.

C. Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians

164. When our churches have real preachers, where do they come from? God calls them and gives them to us.

165. When we talk to one another, how are we to talk? We should always talk in such a way that it helps the person we are talking to.

166. Why should we forgive someone who has done something wrong to us? Because God has forgiven us for the things we have done wrong against Him.

167. How does God say we should behave toward our parents? We should love, honor, and obey them, for Jesus’ sake.

168. When our parents or grandparents get old and are not able to take care of themselves, what are we to do? We are to take care of them.

169. When you are old enough to get a job, how does God want you to act toward your boss? To respect him, to be honest, and to work hard for him like we would for Jesus.

170. What is one of the best ways that we can help the children of God? By praying for them.

D. Paul’s Letters to the Thessalonians

171. How did Paul know that the people he was writing to were chosen by God to salvation? Because the gospel came to them in power, and they received its teachings.

172. What does God want His children to know about this present life? He wants us to know that it will last only a short time, and that our real home is in heaven with Him.

173. Should knowing that Jesus is coming back soon make us lazy? No. We should serve God with all our might until He comes again.

174. What two things made Paul happy about the Christians he was writing to? When they loved each other and had strong faith in God.

E. Paul’s Letters to Pastors Timothy and Titus

175. God has a special place that is called His house. Where is that special place? It is the church.

176. Should we pray for our country’s President and other leaders, even if we don’t like them? Yes, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

177. Are there requirements for a man to be a pastor or deacon? Yes. The man must be a good example of godly behavior and know God’s Word. A pastor must also be gifted to teach.

178. Does God allow women to be preachers or to be leaders in the church? No, He has put men in these positions.

179. Do women have an important role in the church? Yes. The older women are to teach the younger women to glorify God through their families and their lives.

180. If we are blessed to have a lot of money, are we to keep all of it or to spend it all on ourselves? No. We are to use much of our money to help others and to be generous towards the church.

181. Should we support and help our ministers? Yes, the very best we can.

182. When should we praise God? We should always praise Him and be thankful to Him, like Paul did even in prison.

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