The Everlasting Work of Christ

“My Father worketh hitherto, and I work.”
(John 5:17)

In giving you my thoughts on this text, I shall take but little notice about creating the world, upholding the world, governing the world, disposing of all things in the world, destroying and renewing the world, or judging the world; for all these things are subservient to one grand end; all things are for the elect’s sake.

Christ created all things: he upholds all things by the word of his power; and he has power over all flesh; all things that the Father hath are his.

He will destroy this world, burn up the earth, and fold the heavens together; he will make all things new, and be the only judge of quick and dead.

The work that our Lord and his Father are engaged in appears to me to be one principal work; and to serve the turn of this are all other things created and upheld; and it was this work that our Saviour had in his eye when he spoke the words in my text.

To form a human race, and to bring an innumerable company of that race to eternal glory by Jesus Christ, is the grand work that God had in view from everlasting.

By William Huntington

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