The Baptized Churches Of Christ – Church Covenant Of New Home Church


Clarke County Mississippi beside Highway 18, fourteen miles east of Quitman, Mississippi

New Home Church is an Old School Predestinarian Primitive Baptist Church (See Definitions).

The Church was formed November 27th, 1909 with the following members holding letters which were examined and found orderly and orthodox:

H. I. E. Carroll,
C. L. Satcher,
William Williams,
Nancy Carroll, and V. A. Avera.

Preaching by Elders L. F. Easley and W. R. Broom.

Prayer by Elders S. F. Moore. Elders L. F, Easley, Elder L. A. Satcher, S. Carroll, W. S. Broom, E. R. Robinson and S. F. Moore composed the Presbytery.

Elder L. F. Easley, Moderator and E. R. Robinson, Clerk.

1st. Having in a judgment of charity and discretion toward ourselves and one another, first given ourselves to the Lord, we agree to give our selves to one another by the Will of God in a visible Congregational State.

2nd. We mutually agree to endeavor to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bonds of peace (Ephesians 5:3).

3rd. We agree to love one another in obedience to the command of Christ (John 13:35).

4th. We agree to sympathize with each other in prosperity and adversity (Romans 12:15).

5th. We agree to communicate with each others necessities, as circumstances may point out (Galatians 6:10).

6th. We agree to watch over one another and bear each others infirmities and admonish one another in faithfulness and Christian tenderness (Hebrews 12:15; Romans 15: 10).

7th. We agree to confess our faults one to another and to pray for one another (James 5:16).

8th. We agree to assemble together regularly for religious Worship (Hebrews 10: 25).

9th. We agree to have no respect of persons in Church affairs as an act of partiality on account of difference in external conditions (Romans 12:16).

10th. We agree to strive together for the faith of the Gospel and to earnestly contend for it; not suffering any human invention or unwarranted practice to be imposed upon us (Philippians 1:21; Jude 3).

11th. We agree that we will endeavor to be ensamples to each other and of a holy walk and godly conversation in Christ (2nd Peter 3:2).

The New Home Church was a associated church in the Little Zion Association of Alabama and Mississippi. This association was constituted in 1886 with this introduction: “We the United Baptist Churches of Christ. . .”

Of the churches remaining in this associated fellowship at this writing (2006), there are three: Philadelphia Church on Union Road east of Richton, Mississippi, Pilgrim Church on New Augusta Road, south of Ellisville, Mississippi and New Home Church. Philadelphia is the oldest, having been established in 1884, while Pilgrim was created as a merger between Old Zorah Church and Pilgrim in 1909.

This is the same year as the formation of New Home. The former Moderator of Pilgrim, Elder S.A. Bradshaw, who served Pilgrim for fifty years, and whose father also preached for fifty years, gave the date for Zorah Church as 1820. It, with Philadelphia and other churches of the Little Zion were reconstituted and reorganized in 1884 and 1886. They have always been Predestinarian churches of the Old School Baptists.

The following is a presentation of a brief historical account of the baptized churches of Christ, together with the peculiarities of our people, both in the Church and our Congregation, and the roles of each individual believers given to this Congregation and Church by our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

“. . . the Baptized Churches Of Christ”

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