The Baptized Churches Of Christ – Appendix G

Mississippi Baptists’ Reason and Appeals – 1844

[In 1844, some of the churches composing the Mount Pisgah Baptist Association in central Mississippi withdrew from that fellowship and formed the Bethany Association. Both these associations still exit today. Some of the churches in the Mount Pisgah have united into a Southern Baptist affiliated association, while the Mount Pisgah remains a “missionary” association outside of the Mississippi Baptist State Convention. The Reasons and Appeals of 1844 is a fair example selected to show the stated reasons for these churches protest against the Modern Missionary Movement. The reader may note, that the next following Address of the White River Association in Indiana shows that in both North and South, on the frontiers, large numbers of churches did not approve of the innovations sweeping the nation in that decade.]

When in view of passing events, conscience points out the necessity of breaking asunder the bonds of union which have hitherto bound together those who profess to be of the same sentiments, and to be governed by the same laws and rules, it becomes those who dissent or separate themselves from others to set forth their reasons for separation.

Therefore, we, who hitherto have been members of the Mt. Pisgah Baptist Association, hereby make known our reasons for separating ourselves from these brethren who still choose to remain in that body.

4. Because they hold and publish to the world that there are now more gospel ministers than there is money to send them out.
(See MINUTES of the Baptist State Convention, May 4, 1839, page 7).

2. Because they hold and publish to the world that embarrassments in pecuniary matters have obstructed some of the holiest enterprises for the advancement of the Messiah’s Kingdom. (See Third Annual Report of the American and Foreign Bible Society.)

5. Because they are in practice of buying life membership in societies under the pretension of spreading the gospel, therefore placing the gospel side by side with common merchandise, and placing the poor brother on an unequal footing with the rich hypocrite. (See Constitution of the American Baptist Home Mission Society, Article 3.)

6. Because they employ men at high stipulated wages to go and preach and act as agents in collecting money, and laying claims of education before the churches. (See Minutes of the Baptist State Convention, 1843, Appendix, page 8.)

7. Because they hold and publish to the world that large sums of money can be spent with prudence, economy and profit in advancing Christ’s Kingdom; if such sums cannot be obtained, such profitable efforts cannot be effected, thereby laying such stress upon money as to make the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom entirely dependent on the amount of money that can be raised, thereby placing the salvation of God’s church on human effort and contingency, which is in direct violation of God’s salvation, as revealed in His written and infallible Word, which He has given for the rule of our faith and practice. (See Tenth Annual Report of Baptist Home Mission Society, April 26, 1842, page 18.)

These are some of the reasons that impel us to the course that we are now pursuing. We do not wish to be understood as saying that all the brethren from whom we are separating are in direct and immediate practice of all the unscriptural and newly invented schemes against which we complain, or that all of them directly favor or sustain the mammon-like schemes of the present day societies which were never participated in by the Baptists until within our recollection; but we hold such brethren to be in disorder for countenancing and continuing in fellowship with those who are practicing and endeavoring to carry on such worldly and unscriptural measures as we have herein set forth, for we are unwilling to give up the long cherished doctrine and sentiments upon which the Baptists have relied ever since the Lord Jesus Christ established His Church on earth.

Finally, brethren, addressing ourselves to you who profess to be Particular Baptists of the Old School but who are suffering such things to be preached and practiced among you as are learned from men, and not from the Word of God: It is for you to say, not us, whether we can longer walk in union with you. We regret, and so must you, to see brethren professing the same faith severing themselves from each other; but brethren, if you compel us to sanction the traditions and inventions of men as religious obligations, or to separate ourselves from you, the sin lieth at your door. This, brethren, is our appeal to you. You may treat it with contempt if you despise the cause for which we contend in conformity with the Word of God.”

Minutes of the Bethany Association of the Old School faith and orthodox Order.
October, 1844

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  1. We offer these historical documents, with some annotation, for your examination.

    We encourage your examination of them, and hope you find them useful for your greater understanding of the history of the Lord’s Church.

    Stanley C. Phillips

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