William Huntington “S.S.” (Sinner Saved)

This remarkable minister rose to great prominence and popularity from the humblest possible beginnings. Son of a country day labourer, William was wild and dissolute in his early days. He was born between Goudhurst and Cranbrook in Kent in 1743.

For some years his work was that of a coal heaver, and the most vivid and interesting account of his life is to be found in several of his works especially in “The Kingdom of Heaven Taken by Prayer”, “The Bank of Faith” and “The Naked Bow of God”.

He was brought to deep spiritual conviction of sin and granted a most wonderful deliverance. Although his education was confined to reading and spelling, he made great strides by study and wrote a hundred books. He was extremely independent and forthright to the point of being scathing where he felt truth was at stake. He attracted much criticism and was often greatly caricatured. Dubbed an Antinomian by some and a hyper-Calvinist by others it has nevertheless been written of him that “no man could have had a deeper sense of honour and integrity. Generous to a degree his hand responded to his heart in the liveliest and most practical sympathy”.

He would preach five sermons each week and his Chapel was generally packed long before the service when he would hold the people as if listening for eternity for two hours at a time.

He died in the summer of 1813 aged 69.

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