A Letter To Two Sisters In Christ – June 24th, 1869

My dear Friends in the Lord, Mrs. Peake and Miss Morris.

I took the whole morning service at Gower Street last Lord’s day, and was comfortably brought through, feeling life and liberty, both in prayer and preaching. From Isaiah 4:2, 3 I meant at first to take also verse 4, but found on meditating on the subject, that it was, so to speak, covering too much ground. The reporter was there, and thus you will (D.V.) see what I was enabled to preach. I may perhaps take verse 4 another day, as there is much deep experimental truth in it, if I could bring it forth. I was tired and exhausted afterwards, but this is only what I must expect. I had reason to be thankful that I scarcely coughed the whole time, and my voice was clear and strong.

Mr. Kershaw is on his dying bed, but to use his own words, “as full of heaven as he can hold.” It is a fitting termination to his long, laborious, and godly life. I send you some letters which will tell you how he is or was, both in body and soul. He has a strong constitution, but I greatly doubt whether he will be here many days.

Mr. Garner is supplying at Gower Street. The friends admire his kind feeling toward me in not being jealous, because I take a service as if over his head. I told the people Lord’s day morning that he had been a hearer and transient member of mine for several years, and had always shown me great esteem, respect, and affection, and that I could therefore, without hurting his feelings or wounding his dignity, take his place, but that there were very few ministers to whom I could even propose such a thing.

I hope I may come among you in the fullness of the blessing of the Gospel of Christ. But do not look to me, or you will surely be disappointed. The Lord is a jealous God. I fear you will see me weaker in body, as I have never really got over the attack I had last September, and the cold wet Spring has robbed me of my grand tonic—my walks. My daughter Sarah, who is at Plymouth, gives a poor account of Mrs. Isbell; she reads to her twice daily and is, I doubt not, a comfort to her. My sister has found a blessing in my Meditations on 1 Pet. 1, especially about the incorruptible inheritance, and has had them read three or four times to her.

With kind love to all my dear friends,

I am, yours in the Lord,
J. C. P.

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