A Letter To Friends In The Lord – July 27th, 1869

My dear Friends in the Lord, I received and have acted on your kind orders for the books to the three places, which will no doubt be executed with the usual care and punctuality.

I was helped through last Lord’s-day, though the heat was great and the congregations large; my texts were, Rom. 6:21-23, Ezek. 34:15-16. The recorder was there both times. I cannot say much about the sermons, but they were listened to with great attention. We had a collection for the Aged Pilgrim Friend Society, and raised, I think, about £47. I contrasted the lowliness of some of the collections with the liberality of others, and named my dear people of Oakham as standing third or fourth on the list. The secretary told me that in some of the Church of England collections the ‘operating expenses’ swallowed up the whole or nearly the whole amount.

Dear Rebecca! I felt much for and with her, and could weep with those that weep—at least in some measure. How much better her state than a dead calm. I cannot add more as I have to preach this evening, and expect a large congregation.

The Lord bless you both with much of His manifested presence and love.

Yours very affectionately in Him,
J. C. P.

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