Will Divorce And Re-marriage Bring Prosperity?

We have been grieved by the opposition received to the stand we have sought to take on the sanctity of marriage and that marriage is for life, “till death do us part.”

We feel that one of the grevious things today is the careless attitude of marriage.

In fact, during the last two years, at the beginning of each wedding we have taken, we have sought to emphasize this – as a reminder not only to the couple about to be married but to each married one in the congregation.

A few years ago we were interviewed by a newspaper reporter.

The “Bishop” of Bedford had been interviewed to give his views on certain matters and we were the other person interviewed – we presume as being at the other end of the theological spectrum.

The reporter was an ungodly man, but there was one thing that impressed him. Asking about the position of divorce, broken marriages, broken families, re-marriage in our churches (there is none), he was amazed (and impressed) by the stability of the marriage relationship and family life in our congregations.

He thought it was a wonderful thing.

Are we now going to sacrifice it?

Why is there so much opposition to our position, the position our godly forefathers have held?

Up till recently no church or chapel would re-marry a divorced person.

Are we to join in the downward trend?

Especially we are saddened that a book has been published opposing the stand we have taken. Weare accused of “grevious error” and that we are “shutting the door to all future prosperity in Zion”

Will divorce and re-marriage bring prosperity?

By B.A. Ramsbottom, 1992

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