Everything In Christ

God tells us that His people are accepted in Christ. If we are without Christ, then we have nothing that God will accept; because His people are accepted in Christ. God has said that no man can come unto the Father but by Christ; therefore if we are without Christ we have no ground upon which we can approach unto God.

Christ says: “I am the Way, the Truth, the Life.”; and if He is the Way, there is no other way; if He is the truth, everything else is a lie; and if He is the Life, everything apart from Him is death.

Therefore, if we are without Christ, we are out of the way, we are ignorant of the the truth, and we are dead in trespasses and sins.

Is this the case?

Are you without Christ?

If you are, whatever you possess besides, it will not do to bring it to God.

“Sinners can say, and only they,
How precious is a Saviour.”

If there be any poor, rooted-up, broken-hearted sinner here tonight, who feels he is ruined, and guilty, and filthy, and is ready to cry out that he is too vile, too base, and that God will not receive such a vile sinner as he is, I tell thee what; a sinner never was received since the world stood, but on the ground of Christ, and thy felt sinfulness, vileness, and wretchedness are rather a plea then anything else, that thou shouldst fall flat upon Christ as thine all-sufficient Saviour.

If we are without Christ, we are without holiness; for God says, “He is made unto us sanctification.” But the child of God has got a holiness that Satan cannot sully, and which will stand the test amid all the confusion and noise around him.

Without Christ, all the rest will leave us when we come to die; but, having Christ, we shall stand when the world is in a blaze, and we shall be able to say,

“Bold shall I stand in that great day.
For who aught to my charge shall lay,
While through Thy bloodabsolved I am
From sin’s tremendous curse and shame?”

Again, if we have Christ, we have His blood for pardon, His righteousness for justification, Hs fulness to supply all our needs, His promises to cheer us, His strength to support us, His wisdom to guide us in all our ways.
We have him in all the offices He sustains – as prophet to teach and instruct us, as Priest to atone and please for us, and as King to rule over us and in us.

We have Him in all the blessed characters he bears – as our Shepherd, our Captain, our Bread of Life, Water of Life, and the wine of God to cheer us. We have Him in the endearing relationship He sustains as our elder Brother. And, which is more endearing than all, we have Him as our Husband; and He does not take His bride as we are in the habit of taking ours – for better or worse. O no! He knew she would have no “better” about her; it would be all “worse”: therefore He took her with all her sin and guilt, and stood unanswerable for all her debts.

By William Gadsby

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