A Letter To A Sister Called Deborah – April 20th, 1847

April 20th, 1847

My dear Deborah,

. . . You have lived long enough to see that a Christian is not to be long without trials and troubles, much less a minister. If a minister has a conscience worth having, he is sure to have trouble; and if he has not a conscience worth having, he had better be a shoe-shine. There are no blessings like spiritual blessings; but how little do we crave them, and how little do we value them, particularly at times. So deeply rooted is unbelief in us, and the world in various ways so opposed to vital godliness, the heart is deceitful and so wicked, that we need ‘rods’ and ‘fires’ as well as ‘smiles’ and ‘sweet testimonies of His love’, to make us in any way alive and fruitful unto God. I trust I may say that the Lord blesses my soul at times; but I do not enjoy that peace and love I wish, and have enjoyed in times past.

Your affectionate Brother,

William Tiptaft.

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