A Letter To A Brother In Christ – June 27th, 1833

June 27th, 1833

My dear Brother,

As you express the desire of several that I should visit you again as soon as possible, I intend being at Oakham as early in July as I conveniently can, and shall be with you to speak, if the Lord will, on the 14th in the Riding School. The time seems short since I was with you.

I am of Cole’s opinion in his “New Birth,” that the ministry and the church must rise and sink together. Individuals may be brought through deep trials, and taught deep things; but very few indeed can be found who have not been profited much in hearing, whether they have humility enough to confess it or not. I never heard of a church that was manifest as such, without a preacher. If the soul is quickened, it will “desire the pure spiritual milk,” “for the young children ask bread, and no man breaks it unto them.” No great work of the Lord will go on at Oakham or elsewhere without such instruments in the hands of the Lord as preachers and builders up of the church of God. Meeting together and talking, singing a hymn and praying, will be blessed of God rather than hearing false prophets; but deadness and coldness will prevail if the gospel is not preached occasionally.

If your souls are much blessed in your meeting together without preaching, I shall rejoice, but I must assure you I shall be much surprised. Many places, as Wallingford, Chichester, etc., if they have not a preacher, read a sermon of Huntington’s, or of some deep-taught minister of God.

Yours very affectionately, for Christ’s sake,

William Tiptaft.

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