A Short Study of John 3:1

John 3:1
There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews:

The Jews were the people whom God was pleased to reveal Himself through in the first century. God chose the Jews during this time when Jesus walked the earth to be the group through whom God’s Word would come and through whom the Lord Jesus would come – through the earthly lineage as a man – a Jew.

Nicodemus was a ruler of the Jews at that time – a “Pharisee”. The Pharisees were Jews who were very religious and were given the Word of God whereby one could be taught to worship God. So Nicodemus was a religious leader of the Jews. He should have known the scriptures of the Old Testament; but as we read in the following verses of John chapter 3 he was spiritually blind, and that he did not understand what it meant to be born again.

By Craig Miklosik

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