8 Comments on “Did Harold Camping Ever Teach That The End Was Coming In 1994?

  1. Hallo my name is johannes, a Family Radio listener in South Africa.

    Thank you for this very “objective” extract of his exact words, no doubt it was mr camping. Now i am waiting for the rest of what happened afterwards….and how he time and again made correction in his teaching. Think of the outcome and what damage…. if he refused to be open for correction….

    I am so glad God in His mercy allowed mr Camping through his Word (the Bible), to make correction and that the whole world can learn from the faults of a humble servant of the LORD, and how a teacher should and should not react.

    When i started listening to Family Radio via a sometime very weak and noisy AM and Short Wave signal, i must admit i was trying to proof mr camping wrong. By the mercy of God mr camping himself warned me not to trust him, but to check the Bible. His words always sounds as a refrain in my head “dont trust me, read the Bible, read the Bible…”

    In other words… “test all things” against the Bible by comparing Scripture with Scripture.

    (1Co 4:3) Maar vir my beteken dit baie min of ek deur julle of deur ‘n menslike regbank beoordeel word; ja, ek beoordeel myself nie eens nie,

    (1Co 4:4) want ek is my van geen ding bewus nie. Daardeur is ek egter nie geregverdig nie; maar Hy wat my beoordeel, is die Here.

    (1Co 4:5) Daarom moet julle nie voor die tyd oordeel, voordat die Here kom nie, wat die verborge dinge van die duisternis in die lig sal bring en die bedoelinge van die harte openbaar sal maak; en dan sal elkeen lof van God ontvang.

    But even our intentions “the counsels of the hearts” are tested.

    So by the way what is your intentions to place just the one side of the coin…?

    • Hello Johannes,

      You said:
      “Now i am waiting for the rest of what happened afterwards….and how he time and again made correction in his teaching.”

      Tell me Johannes, are you not aware that after September 1994 Mr Camping went on to make many more predictions/dates for the end of the world but they all failed?

      Are you aware of this?

      He finally gave up!

      The fact of the matter Johannes is this:

      You are a follower of Harold Camping and not Jesus Christ.

      For if you knew Jesus Christ and His doctrine you would know that he atoned for the sins of His people nearly 2,000 years ago.

      You would also believe in the doctrine of the trinity as the bible CLEARLY teaches and cults like Family radio continue to deny.

      Furthermore if you followed the bible as you claim to you would know that an eternity in hell awaits those who do not believe in Jesus Christ as Family radio clealy taught for many years.

      I could go on and on.

      Think about this Johannes:

      Who is the bigger fool?
      The fool, or the fool who followed the fool?

  2. When I first heard Harold Camping on the radio I thought it was Steven Wright making jokes about the Bible. I thought that it was not right for Steven to make for of the Bible this way. After a while I realized that this was a different person and he was supposed to be taken serious. WOW. ejchi

  3. Notice that Mr Camping was teaching back in 1993 the same thing as he is teaching now – which is according to him if you do not believe his date, you cannot be saved.

    Notice what he said back in his book in 1993.

    “To WAIT and SEE of Christ’s return is indeed to be in the fall of 1994 IS NOT ENOUGH….those who “waited to see” would be caught without salvation. It would be guaranteed that they would have to face the Judgment Throne of God, be found guilty of their sins, and plunged into hell forevermore”
    (Harold Camping – Are You Ready, Preface, Page 1)

  4. Below is an email from Matt Tuter, who works for the FR ministry, who read Thomas Golda’s lost of Camping date failures.


    I don’t know your name, but I was forwarded a copy of your post with the various dates that Harold Camping has set.

    I wanted to offer a correction. The December 25th date “8” was for 1994. I still have the video tape when he said it, 40 minutes into the Open Forum on December 20th 1994.

    On “10” it was April 29th 1996 Harold set the date as May 3rd. again I still have the tape.

    In addition to Revelation 22:18 I like to present Galatians 1:8&9 to those that believe in progressive revelation.

    Matt Tuter


    The list is updated as follows:

    Mr. Camping has made 10 false date predictions in the past.

    Date setters have all one thing in common. A 100% failure rate”

    1. 1978 – Camping declares to his Alameda Church that the rapture would occur in 1978

    2. September 6, 1994 – Camping prediction # 2 – Based on 1994?

    3. September 15, 1994 – Camping prediction # 3 – Based on 1994?

    4. September 29, 1994 – Camping prediction # 4 – Based on 1994?

    5. October 2, 1994 – Camping prediction #5 – Claimed Christ was born Oct 2, in 7AD and would return exactly 2000 years later.

    6. December 25, 1994 – Camping prediction # 6 – Camping claims that Christ will return on Christmas and that the Bible supported this.

    7. March 16, 1995 (Purim) – Camping prediction # 7 – Camping claims this is “Watch # 1” of a new wave of dates.

    8. September 24, 1995 – Camping prediction # 8 – Camping claims this is “Watch # 2” – Camping claims that there is Biblical evidence of Christ returning “383 days” after September 6, 1994. Camping also claims that September 24, 1995 is 721 + 91 Ceros(A ceros is little over 18 years – 223 lunar cycles or revolutions. A ceros is the complete revoluation of the sun, moon, stars and planets) – Camping claims that these revolutions can predict the end. Camping also states that if you divide the 2300 days of Daniel 8 by the number “6” you get 383. Thus, according to Camping, you can add 383 days to September 6, 1994 and come to September 24, 1995. September 24, 1995 ends the magic 383 day period.

    9. April 3, 1996 – Passover (Watch # 3)- Camping prediction # 9 – Camping claims that there is Biblical evidence of Christ returning 191 days after September 25, 1995 on the Passover.

    10. May 3, 1996 – Camping prediction # 10 – Camping claims that there is a 30 day grace period after April 3, 1996 which Christ can return.

    Date setters all believe in the false doctrine of “progressive revelation” after the Bible was completed in violation of Revelation 22:18

  5. I am glad to find this information. Thank you: Test All Things. I only knew of the Sept. 6, 1994 prediction, and I have thought to call Camping and ask him why we should be listening to him after a false prophesy. But, 10!! So many people listening to him must not know of this. I pray God will open their eyes.

  6. You have certainly done your homework re the numerous DOCUMENTED predictions of Harold Camping. Right now his followers are in brain-lockdown mode. If you listen HC’s followers they cannot even entertain May 22nd,2011.Harold’s own words should be evidence enough but remember these people are blinded by the god of this world. I think its safe to say their world ended the day they surrendered their minds to a madman. You are to be commended for the exc expose. God bless you.

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