A Short Study of Romans 10:10

“For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”
(Romans 10:10)

Saving faith that God imparts to and implants in our hearts by His Spirit in the new birth is not a blind leap in the dark, nor is it wishful thinking, hope without substance, or positive determination.

First, it is saving faith, not because faith itself saves us, but because it looks to Christ on the cross as our whole salvation. Faith that comes from God by the Spirit has an object – CHRIST AND HIM CRUCIFIED. It is founded upon the fact that our redemption and justification before God was completed by our sovereign Lord at Calvary. True heart faith which the Holy Spirit works in us is the fruit and result of the finished work of Christ for us. The act of believing, though necessary in salvation, is not the cause of salvation, nor is it any part of the righteousness by which God justifies sinners. That place belongs to Christ and Him alone.

Secondly, true heart faith is an act of the mind enlightened and taught by God in the Gospel of His grace in Christ, and it reaches to the affections and the will of those who possess it. It is a dynamic force of God’s grace that brings a sinner to bow to the God of sovereign grace, plead for mercy, repent of dead works, and brings the sinner to run to and rest in Christ for all of salvation, peace, comfort, and assurance. It works by love and obedience to God, not to attain or maintain salvation, but because salvation has already been attained and is being maintained by God’s power and grace in Christ. This is true heart faith in Christ.

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