John Piper Agrees With The Arminian View Of Universal Atonement

“So Piper, just be simple a minute, do you believe Jesus died for all people?

Just give us a straight out answer. And I’m not going to play politics, I’m not going to answer another question. I’m going to do this.
Before I answer it, i’m going to force you to define for all people, i’m going to say, now just tell me exactly what you mean and i’ll answer you, because I dont want to answer in a way that would cause you to misunderstand.

What do you mean by for all people?

Now I think I know what most, is it okay if I use the word arminians? just, just most people who, who are having a hard time, they’re not all arminians, having a hard time with limited atonement. That is the atonement that effects something special for a limited group.

I think I know what they all mean, and i’m going to quote Miller’s Erikson’s theology because I think he’s right. He says:

“God intended the atonement to make salvation possible for all persons. Christ died for all persons, but this atoning death becomes effective only when accepted by the individual. This is the view of all arminians.” closed quote.

If that’s the view of all arminians I totally agree with it. No qualifications. So if you say “did christ die for all people?” and I say “what do you mean for all people?” and you answer “I mean did he die in such a way so that anybody anywhere who believes will be saved by that blood?”
I say “absolutely he did.” That’s John 3:16 pure and simple. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son in such a way that whoever believes will not perish, I believe that totally without qualification. Every individual person on planet earth who believes in Jesus has their life covered by the blood of Jesus. so you preach that, you stand up on sunday morning and you say christ died in such a way so that anybody in this room who believes, your sins are covered by the blood of Jesus.
(John Piper – Acts 29 conference – The Whole Glory of God – Imputation – Impartation of His righteousness – Part 2)

7 Comments on “John Piper Agrees With The Arminian View Of Universal Atonement

  1. AS I read this article I am reminded that Jesus died for His people and made atonement for “their” sins. The old question that exists “was this atonement made for “all” people that have every breathed oxygen and lived on planet earth”? Well, any person should be able to answer that easily. Atonement means atonement! It really means “no sins will be held against a person because they are atoned for” period! So, no, the atonement was NOT made for ALL people in the sense of its very nature of action. Also, Christ clearly tells us “names were written in the Lamb’s book of life prior to the foundation of the world” so that in itself let’s one know that “all atoned for people” WILL be saved based on that work of atonement on the cross. The idea “does that blood shed have the potential to save the entire human race from the berginning of time to the end of time” would be sure. It has enough power to redeemd all people, but it is certainly not efficacious or you would have “universalism” to the core and we know that certainly is not taught in the scriptures either. Personally, I can’t under the problem with folks who can pick up a english bible and not be able to read clear english on this issue. Certainly if they are saved, they should be able to do so. I think one of a person’s difficulties is they somehow “think” then why go out and tell people about it if they can’t be saved and trust in it? But, the Bible is clear, we are to take the Gospel to all people, preach it and then “GOD” does the work of calling and regeneration, we don’t! If you believe you can use your talents and persuasive powers of intellect to “make” a person sign on the dotted line and pray a prayer after you and they are saved you are entirely off the pages of the book. God has to do the work with the word preached and taught NOT our carnal methods of persuation and other manners we use. True faith and repentance are inseperable graces given by God at the moment of the “new birth” enabling a person to believe and repent culminating in the salvation new birth experience. Of course, it all takes place at one moment – the word heard by God’s grace and God’s opening the spiritual ear and regeneration. Man in his natural state will always deny, rebell, and turn away from Christ and the Word until God opens and draws him to salvation. So, no, the atonement isn’t “for” everyone’s sins or it would have been in “vain” because most of the world population has not been saved over time. Also, since “most” of the world hasn’t even heard the gospel, God proves He isn’t saving all and doesn’t have any plans to do so. If HE were HE would make sure the gospel got to every living human being at all times over history and HE doesn’t. If you take another postion you will be saying God is impotent, God isn’t loving all people the same, and HE is hamstrung by man and sitautions of life on earth. Anyone knowing what the term God means knows if HE created all things, sustains all things and is all powerful and all knowing HE could get the Gospel to ALL people all the time if HE so chose to do so and HE is so persuasive HE could open ALL hearts if HE wanted to. And if you don’t get that you don’t have a concpet of what the term “GOD means at all. Otherwise, you would be indicating Satan is more powerful than God, man is more powerful than God and Demons are more powerful than God. And also, you would be indicating that the “will” of man is more powerful than the Love of God and His saving Grace. In fact, I have read that one, for many Armenian preachers say, “God respects” mans will so much he will not interfere with it. That is hogwash and no where shown in the word of God at all. I can find multitudes of verses where God has interferred with mans will so much that any person with any intelligence would understand it if they read it. So, no atonement is for special chosen ones sins and it worked for them, but for those who are not saved it isn’t of any value at all. But I don’t know who those chosen ones are so I take the word to all people I can and leave the rest up to God. And by the way, that is certain evangelism success because God promises to seek and save the lost sheep and He promises His word will not return unto Him void or in vain, but accomplishes what He wishes it to accomplish.

  2. It is grievous that people who love Jesus tear one another apart. Piper does not believe in “universal salvation;” Piper preaches that all who believe are saved (as in John 3:16). So the question is HOW does one come to faith? Who is saved? Will ALL be saved?? You can make anyone at anytime sound as though they “preach” a certain message by only taking a small portion of their words. Listen to what is preached – not one or three sentences. Get the big picture. Do this with your bible in hand. Follow. Discern. But, for your own sake and the sake of Truth, stop taking a handful of sentences and building someone’s entire “theology” on those sentences. People do this with a single bible verse all the time – they build an entire theology upon it. The bible was never meant to be used that way… Likewise, taking a sentence or paragraph out of context is really misleading. Please stop. Please stop picking on other believers because of an out-of-context quote.

    • Dear KS,

      I get comments all of the time from followers of John Piper where they make all manner of accusations towards us for speaking the truth about this man’s beliefs.

      “out of context” is the usual cry and that is a little frustrating because we DO NOT take John Piper out of context AT ALL. So in actual fact, I find your comment somewhat slanderous. It is one thing to disagree, but another thing to make the false claim that we take him out of context.

      In fact, I went out of my way to publish MANY quotes and even AUDIO from John Piper where he clearly teaches (because that is what he believes) UNIVERSAL ATONEMENT.

      John Piper agrees with the arminian view of the atonement. He says so himself. So this means anyone who denies this is actually.

      1) Lying
      2) Taking him out of context.

      I never said that John Piper believed in universal “salvation” as you mentioned in your comment. But he does teach universal atonement.

      Universal atonement is a damnable lie. It is a false gospel. If one disagrees that is because they do not know what the gospel is.

      Not only does John Piper teach another gospel but he endorses those who do such as Rick Warren.

      John Piper also violates Revelation 22:18-19 …

      John Piper teaches that justification is conditional aswell as final salvation whereas those who have been taught of God believe that the Lord Jesus Christ met ALL of the conditions for the salvation of His people.

      John Piper teaches that we are justified by what God ENABLES his elect to perform, which we and others call the “reformed version of salvation conditioned on the sinner.” If a gospel is preached where salvation is conditioned on anything that man must do, EVEN IF God enables them to perform it as they say, then this is another gospel.
      The truth is that Christ Jesus met ALL of the conditions for the salvation of His people and when he cried “IT IS FINISHED”, it really was.

      Faith is not a condition for salvation. Faith is a gift from God given to His elect when he quickens them to life by His Spirit and teaches them through the gospel that the Lord Jesus met all of the conditions for their salvation – and they rejoice in an ACCOMPLISHED SALVATION….Christ’s FINISHED work.

    • Amazing how individuals will seek to defend the indifensible, when there are so many more worthy individuals to be had. Goats praising goats.

    • What Piper said was completely in context, and it is false and heretical.
      Calling out false teaching is not “tearing one another apart.”
      Plain and simple piper has an aberrant view of the atonement that is unbiblical.

  3. Mr piper was not being taken out of context. He is but one of tens of thousands of goats that enter Christendom. Ten a penny, two bob a hundred weight.

    If God desire to save all, all would be saved. it is impious to treat of one’s Maker no different than one’s self. God will not hold any guiltless that do this. Sooner or later God brings a man into judgment.

    If God desire all to be saved then He would not have set a hurdle in man’s way, that of faith. Seeing that God alone can grant faith (Gal.2.8), He has restricted, therefore, who can be saved. Let Sandemanians misquote scriputre. They will pay with their souls. We must stand it out with such, always remembering that they are lost, stand in sin with an open bible in their hands, which they have no right to interpret (Ps.50.16).

  4. But then who r good preachers. I’m looking 4 some and it seems all of them have dedicated pages of heresy. It’s almost impossible to hear right sermons on the Internet to supplement my reading of the Bible. Could you kindly give some recommendations. Thanks

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