Gilbert Beebe’s Biblical View Of Marriage

“The wife is bound by the law as long as her husband liveth, and the husband is bound by the law to his wife as long as the wife liveth. And, that a bill of divorcement legally obtained may in the eye of our civil code disannul a former marriage contract so that, as far as the civil law is concerned, the parties may contract to live in adultery and their issue be legal. But the Bible gives them no such liberty, nor has the God of heaven given any authority to any earthly legislature to divide asunder what God has joined together.”
(Gilbert Beebe – September 15, 1840 – “The Law of Marriage”)

“We have ever refused to perform the marriage service in any such case where there was a living wife or a living husband. And, we should assume, connive directly at, or countenance the sin of adultery as to do so.”
(Gilbert Beebe – September 15, 1840 – “The Law of Marriage”)

2 Comments on “Gilbert Beebe’s Biblical View Of Marriage

  1. Who are you? You have some superlative materials here! I thought I was almost alone! See my book on Divorce, Remarriage and the Church” on

    • Hello Stanley,

      Thankyou for commenting.
      I am so glad that you agree with what God Almighty says in His Word about marriage, divorce and remarriage.

      I tried to find your book on the website but it said it is out of print.

      I did however read 2 EXCELLENT articles from your magazine.
      The first was by Waddle Moore titled, “Adultery – Fornication” and the second by brother Gilbert Beebe “on Marriage”

      Jesus is Lord!

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