Dinosaur Figurines – Fact Or Fiction?

One Comment on “Dinosaur Figurines – Fact Or Fiction?

  1. Carbon dating has been proven to be erronious. If 2500 years BC, is the dating by another method, then not prehistoric. Also if man was not with prehistoric animals how could he have made figurines of them? Adam riding around on a Dinasaur must have looked funny. Taradactil Airways? You have to laugh. So what killed these animals off? Shot gun, missiles, atomic attack?

    If Jesuitical Dispensation were correct then Dinasaurs, and the like, shall once more roam the earth. Better secure the roof tiles and make more sturdy unbrellas. “Me roses, that Dinasaur has flattened me roses. Call the police. Get it put in a zoo. He brought down the power lines the other day, or was that one of the other ten thousand roaming around.”

    Because man is utterly rebellious, God sends him a strong delusion that he should believe a lie (2.Thess.2.11). Man wants to believed in hideous looking creatures, God gives him over to believe and to create what he wishes to believe (Rom.1.24).

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