Revising History or Revealing History

The focus of all the inspired Scriptures is the fulfillment of all God’s promises and intent in the Person and work of Jesus Christ.

This includes the single, historical act of Christ to put away the sins of His people (Old and New Testament believers) and to work out, establish, and finish the righteousness based upon which God was and is just to justify them all.

All believers, both Old and New Testament, were and are saved, justified, and certain to be glorified by this single, historical act of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This act, based upon which God justified the ungodly in the Old and the New Testament, could not be done and finished except as Christ, the eternal, immutable Son of God who is without beginning or end, entered time and united with human nature without sin, walked the earth in obedience to the law, and was put to death on Calvary.

The act upon which all God’s promises are given was accomplished in Christ (2 Corinthians 1:20).

All the benefits of the whole of salvation are connected with this one great act in time.

Any benefits applied before or after the actual act only serve to show two things – (1) the greatness and glory of God in His eternal, immutable nature, and (2) the greatness and glory of Christ Himself and the work He accomplished in time on the cross.

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