A Short Study of Hebrews 10:9

“Then said He, Lo, I come to do they will, O God…”
(Hebrews 10:9)

This was agreed upon in the covenant of the eternal Three.

The Father undertook to maintain the honour and dignity of his law and justice.

His co-equal Son undertook for his people to come in their nature, and to stand in their place and stead; to act for them, and to suffer for them. As their surety, he made himself answerable for their debt of obedience, and for their debt of suffering.

Accordingly, when the great law-fulfiller cometh into the world, He saith – “Lo, I COME TO DO THY WILL, O GOD.” He did it in his infinitely holy life, in which he magnified the precepts of the law, and made them everlastingly honourable.

He suffered it in his infinitely holy passion, bearing the sins and sorrows of his people, their curse and wrath, in his body and soul upon the tree, until the immense debt being paid, he cried out in the triumph of a conquering though a dying Jesus – “IT IS FINISHED;” for through death he conquered death, and him that had the power of death, that is, the devil: he finished the transgression, and made an end of sins, and made reconciliation for iniquity, and brought in everlasting righteousness.

By William Romaine

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